17 Great Dating Tips to Make You Instantly More Attractive

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Going on a date is fun and exciting. After all, you could be about to meet your future soulmate.

But dating can sometimes be a little stressful.

We can put ourselves under immense pressure by assassinating our looks and personalities before we’ve even stepped out the door.

And sometimes, that can have a big effect. Not just on our happiness, but also on our chances of finding that special someone.

If you’re going on a date, why not get some dating advice from the experts and give yourself the best chance of success?

Here are 17 great dating tips that will make you instantly more attractive and make your chances of landing that second date much more likely.

1. Have a ready-made smile to appear fun and happy

Smile and the whole world smiles with you, or at least that is the theory.

Apparently this trick also works well for boys and girls on their first dates. Happiness is known as the most appealing emotion, so why not make a warm and friendly face your secret weapon?

The trick is to put your nerves to one side (or at least pretend to). If you don’t smile then you risk putting your date on edge, which will subsequently have the same effect on you.

2. Don’t be negative – no one likes a Debbie Downer

On a similar theme, be positive in your attitude and within your conversation.

Is the waiter taking to long to take your order? Is the background music too loud?

Don’t complain. Without question, we become attracted to people because we think they’re going to make our lives happier. If you vent or moan, what light does that put you in (regardless of whether they agree with you or not)?

3. Playing hard to get will make you more desirable

Male or female, there’s a lot of truth in the old adage that says ‘you can’t always get what you want’.

A study published in Psychological Science magazine tells us that mystery and intrigue is very attractive and can even lead to a form of infatuation.

So if you fall head-over-heels quickly, don’t let on. Not just yet anyway. Take some time to find out more about your date and, what’s more, give them some time to fall for you too.

People, men and women alike, both like the chase.

4. Try and relax in order to really connect with a date

It’s easier said then done when it comes to matters of the heart, but being jittery will usually only result in a tense atmosphere that’s not conducive to romance.

Take a deep breath and forget about your worries – what’s the worst that will happen?

Being relaxed actually sends of a strong signal to your date – you’re telling them you’re confident in yourself and that you’re made of stern stuff.

So have fun and be playful.

5. Exercise to wow your date both physically and mentally

Having a fit and healthy body is always something to strive for, and not just for aesthetic reasons either.

People who frequent the gym and eat healthily have good bodies, but they’re also more likely to be confident and approachable.

6. Focus on having perfect posture

Never underestimate the power of body language.

Regardless of whether you’re male or female, hold your head up high and stand up nice and straight. This will exude an air of confidence and assertiveness – that’s going to be far more attractive than being somebody who slouches.

7. Eliminate bad breath in case of a kiss

Sometimes it’s the little details that we overlook that make the biggest impact.

No matter how hot you may be, if your breath isn’t fresh, then you’ve got a problem. It isn’t rocket science but you might be surprised how many great romances never get past the first date because somebody forgot to floss and brush their teeth before leaving the house.

That first impression is so vital and, just like them, you need to make the most of your chance.

8. Look after your teeth

There have been thousands of surveys asking people what they want from a partner and they all have one thing in common: nice teeth. You don’t have to look like you’ve been in a Colgate commercial, but certainly make sure that your teeth are fresh and free of food stains.

Floss regularly and always brush your teeth before a date will send out a message that says you care about your appearance. And maybe also that you’re in good health and have great genetics (then let cupid do the rest).

9. Have a great second date idea in mind

Fed up over seeing first date tips? What if that first date goes well, what then? Dinner again? Cinema?

Get your relationship off to a flying start by being a little more creative and make a better impression.

Want an initial idea? According to research, you can literally get help sweeping your date off his or her feet by jumping onto a rollercoaster.

10. Have radiant skin to show off your healthy lifestyle

Having glowing skin is something that your date will find very attractive indeed. Eat lots of fruit and veg. Drink plenty of water.

And while the antioxidants that will leave your body will add a nice hue to your skin, they’ll also leave you feeling mentally fresh and healthy.

11. Leave the past in the past

There’s nothing more unattractive that harping on about a past relationship. If your date asks you a specific question then fine, but you’re single now and looking forwards, not backwards.

This tip is obviously particularly relevant if you’re just getting back into the dating scene (for whatever reason).

You’ll only be happy once you understand that everyone is different. We’ve all had good experiences and bad experiences.

12. Don’t set unrealistic goals

It’s funny – being unrealistic with what can be achieved from first date is part of a vicious circle.

Just because someone laughs at a joke doesn’t mean marriage is on the cards. Allow yourselves to get to know each other in a pressure-free environment.

One of the best relationship tips we’d offer is not to be needy.

Being ‘low maintenance’ is very attractive. So remember that a first date isn’t an audition for marriage. In fact, your chances of getting a second date may depend on your looking at your introduction in completely the opposite light.

13. Be open to different people, ideas and beliefs

So many people go on a date and judge who turns up against an ideology that they haven’t really thought through.

What if you’re a dedicated career professional and your date works at a bar – are you going to have a problem with that? Does that really matter?

Are you into sport? Do bad manners annoy you? Is smoking a complete no-no? Think about what’s really important to you before assessing anyone. And then consider whether it’s really that important or not.

14. Don’t close off conversations

There’s nothing more annoying than one-word answers that end lines of conversation. Similarly, it’s also usually rude not to return a question.

The best way to break the ice on a first date and banish any nerves is through conversation. And it’s going to be really attractive to come across like a good, attentive listener who is genuinely interested in what your date has to say.

15. Work on your confidence

Confidence is attractive, but in the right dose.

If you’re confident by nature, then just make sure you reign it in a little bit or you could become overbearing and scare aware a shy love match.

If you’re more timid, you’re going to have to work on your mindset. Know your worth, reaffirm what you like about yourself and see this for what it is: a chance to shape your future.

16. Go easy on the cologne or perfume

So you’ve got an aftershave or perform that you love – it doesn’t mean the whole restaurant has to smell it.

Most of us enjoy an exotic scent so don’t be put off. Just try to hold back when applying your favourite odour. Think of cologne or perfume as putting the finishing touches to a masterpiece.

Finding that balance between smelling nice and allowing your natural scent to cut through could be the difference between getting a second date or not.

17. Be yourself – you want your date to be interested in you

Being honest and true to yourself may sound easy, but centuries of psychological research have shown that it’s not.

Don’t try and be someone you’re not. Just remember that any relationship worth its salt is based on truth and honesty.

Worried that your date won’t understand your work commitments, your musical tastes or your penchant for ketchup? Fear not – if they’re put off, they’re not for you anyway.

You’re trying to find out if your date is right for you, whether they share the same values, make you feel good or treat you well.

Happy couples don’t all like the same things, but they certainly accept each other’s foibles and, usually, find them endearing.


So there are your 17 tips. Maybe you’re doing okay in some areas – perhaps you just need some fine-tuning.

Start small. Start with one.

It’s worth it.

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