Dating Advice: How to get over a break-up

Whether you’re freshly single or trying to get back into the dating scene, meeting someone new is one thing, but connecting with him or her is another. The dating experts at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership will use all their experience to match you up with a likeminded individual, but there’s something important to bear in mind.

Before you can reach out and find someone new to love, you must learn to love yourself. 

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You’ll have a hard time finding someone who hasn’t had a bad break-up at some point in the life. Motivating yourself to engage with your romantic nature and resume dating is the hardest step to take.

But since you’re reading this, we can assume that you’re well on the way.

For some people, a successful date will require renewed confidence. Others will need to find some space in their careers. Whatever you need to do, just do it. Your next partner should be an amazing addition to your life and at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we believe that the journey towards finding them should be fun and exciting too.

Ultimately, it’s nobody’s responsibility but yours to fix your opinion of yourself.

Don’t forget, the older we get, the faster life goes. And especially if you’re an accomplished professional whocommits a lot of time to their career, your life is probably dashing along at an alarming rate. Not only does this hinder our ability to date, but it also makes it harder to take the time needed to reflect on what we like about ourselves.

Remind yourself why you’ve had such a successful career. Recognise your strengths and what has led you to this point in your life. Appreciate all the good things you’ve got going for you.

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Emotional responses to break-ups can vary in intensity, but they’ll ease over time. If you find that you’re fixating on a past relationship or are experiencing physical responses to a parting of the waves, remember that this is completely normal. Clearly, your best bet is to take the pressure off yourself. If you’re desperate to start dating again, don’t set unrealistically high expectations. We’re confident that we’ll find someone special for you, but accept that any romantic connection will take some time to manifest and feel right.

All in all, we think that dating again can be the perfect tonic after a break-up, but make sure that you’re ready. Once you are, we’ll do the rest…

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