17 Reasons Why Date Night Is Vital to Your Relationship

17 Reasons Why Date Night Is Vital to Your Relationship


Date Night


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When I was growing up, I vividly remember my father driving his car out of the garage and around to the front of our house just so he could ring the doorbell and start his date night with my mum properly. He wanted her to feel as special as she did when they were teenagers. I always admired the fact that my parents took time out for one another, and I’m convinced it’s one of the main reasons why they are still in love after thirty-one years of marriage. In reality, making time for one another is a struggle that couples face in today’s world and we see it all the time in our line of work. However, to any relationship, new or old, date night is vital and here are 17 bright ideas why:

Communication– You’ll have a chance to speak without interruptions – maybe for the first time in a few days. Remember, you’re allowed to discuss subjects other than the kids, work, and money – and you should!

Fun – Date night is an opportunity to have fun together during your busy and sometimes mundane week. You don’t have to do the classic dinner and a movie. ‘Date night’ could be an afternoon of rock-climbing, going on a picnic, taking a cooking class, or going to the zoo – whatever brings you both to life.

Stress-Relief – We get so bogged down with our day to day tasks, but date night should be a few hours where you put all of your cares aside. You don’t have to have a couples massage to relieve stress – just that one glass of wine and a passionate kiss can do wonders.

Commitment – Your dedication to the relationship will be strengthened as setting that evening aside is a clear sign that the partnership is important to both of you.

Spark – Romance should be an aspect of date night. Rekindle the flame in a way that works for you – candles, flowers, wine, a concert -make it your own!

Sexy – You’ll have the chance to dress up and feel like a woman (whether it’s on the date or after, that’s up to you). Putting a bit of effort into anything, including your appearance, is a sign that you care and your partner will recognise that. Let’s just hope he remembers to iron his shirt as well.

Laughter – I challenge you to giggle like you did when you were a teenager and think of your partner as your life-long crush. If that doesn’t work for you, go to see a funny movie or comedy show. Laughter guarantees a successful date night.

Dream – Take this evening to dream out loud with your partner. What do you want for your relationship? Family life? Where do you want to go on holiday this year? Do you have any fantasies you’d like to share?

Gratitude – It may sounds cheesy, but discuss everything you’re thankful for that day or talk about one thing that happened this week that knocked your socks off. Focus on everything that’s good in your life right now.

Disconnect – How about leaving all electronics at home for the evening? Focus on each other. If you really need that mobile, turn it off at least for dinner.

Opportunity – Date nights are the perfect excuse to try that new restaurant down the street or catch up on films you’ve been wanting to see. Check out the local listings for concerts or special events as well. Step outside of the box.

Catch Up With Friends -Date night doesn’t have to be just the two of you. Why not go out to dinner and then catch up with one of your best ‘couple’ friends for a drink?

Listen – Maybe your partner has been trying to share something with you all week – really listen to him.

Reminisce – Talk about your first dates, what drew you to one another or your wedding day. Or better yet, go back to the location of your first date and do it all over again.

Build-Up – Date night means you have the perfect excuse to send your partner a naughty text in the afternoon or to leave him a post-it note on the bathroom mirror telling him how much you’re looking forward to the date. Get them excited about seeing you later on!

Touch – Whether this is in the bedroom at the end of the date or in the simple form of holding hands on across the dinner table, make effort to be affectionate.

Plan – Discuss what you’d like to do on upcoming date nights. What is your wildest idea? Most romantic? Cheesiest? Maybe even give up control and let your partner plan the next evening together; he may surprise you!

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