Why Leave Love To Chance? Join A Matchmaking Agency

There are only so many hours in the day. A lot of people are distinguished, accomplished professionals who choose to relentlessly pursue an elite career. Others are maybe slightly less driven, but have a multitude of life ambitions that range from travelling to the arts. Maybe some have a gaping hole in the lives and a yearning to meet someone who can fill that void.

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At the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, it doesn’t really matter which category you fall into. What does matter is how you view dating.

The likelihood is that you have some preconception about dating. Of course, you could be a super-positive person who can’t wait to find the right matchmaking service for you. If so, that’s great. Speak to us today about your free, no obligation consultation.

But maybe you’re a bit reticent about using a professional matchmaking service for one reason or another. And perhaps that opinion stems from a bad experience (either in the form of a bad date or a disappointing service from a dating agency). Or perhaps you’ve read something in a magazine or online.

At the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we’d advise you to have an open mind.

For starters, a professional matchmaking service is not like online dating. We do all the hard work for you and we have dating experts on hand to deliver a bespoke, personal dating service. That’s because we don’t believe in leaving your happiness to chance.

Success for us is about making you happy. A lot of businesses in a lot of different industries often say that kind of thing, but in the dating world, it’s true. And our success rate shows that we’re good at what we do (we’ve got the marriages and babies to prove it!).

A lot of things in life are uncertain, but there are two things that we do know. The first is that if you don’t join an elite matchmaking service like the one we offer at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, then you’re essentially leaving the chances of finding your special someone in the lap of the Gods. The second is that by joining the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we can eliminate a huge amount of guesswork when it comes to matching you with a like-minded date.

And let’s not forget, dating is fun and exciting! Here’s your chance to make a change – one that really isn’t much of a gamble at all.

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