Why Choose a Professional Matchmaker

Bowes-Lyon Partnership Why Choose a Professional Matchmaker

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Professional matchmaking is a service on the rise. The dating industry is evolving and beginning to cater effectively for individuals looking for more quality and a higher success rate when it comes to matchmaking. The difference between professional matchmaking and internet dating is clear. Internet dating is attainable to the masses, with memberships ranging from free to around £30 per month, so if you have internet access then you can partake in internet dating. However, the fact internet dating is attainable to the masses creates the challenges that surround this service. Professional matchmaking is a much more tailored service that caters predominantly for the often hard working, well educated professional who is serious about finding a long term committed relationship. Membership fees for a professional matchmaker are indicative of the difference in service you can expect in comparison to internet dating.

The Benefits of a Professional Matchmaker

A good professional matchmaking service will essentially do the leg work for you in finding you your perfect match. With an experienced professional matchmaking service, you will be assigned your own personal matchmaker, who will work hard to fully understand you as an individual, what makes you tick, what you enjoy, dislike, what your hobbies and aspirations are, what your values are and they will work hard to fully understand who it is you would like to meet. The right matchmaker will introduce you to individuals who closely fit your criteria and requirements and be there to guide you through the process at a speed that is comfortable to you.

Who chooses a Professional Matchmaker?

Professional matchmaking is a service tailored predominantly towards generally financially stable individuals, who simply have not met the right partner yet or who do not have the time to find their perfect match. Although all individuals in their own right, members of a good professional matchmaker tend to be positive, financially independent, professional individuals who are keen to try new things, meet new people and above all have fun throughout the process. Those who join a professional matchmaker do all have one thing in common and that is the wish and commitment to embark on a long term committed relationship.

Bowes-Lyon Partnership’s Process to Professional Matchmaking

A successful professional matchmaker such as Bowes-Lyon Partnership, operates a matchmaking service that is thorough, highly accurate but above all fun. The professional matchmakers at Bowes-Lyon Partnership have the experience to introduce individuals extremely successfully, which is why a large proportion of their members join through word of mouth recommendations. The first step in this professional matchmaker’s process is to meet with the individual, a requirement for each and every member.

The meeting is an informal occasion, designed to understand as much about you and your requirements as possible but in a relaxed and enjoyable way. On joining Bowes-Lyon Partnership, your personal professional matchmaker will put forwards suitable matches for your consideration based on your criteria and requirements. It is then up to the individual to decide whether they would like to chat over the phone with a view to meeting the introduction if they so chose. Feedback plays an important role within Bowes-Lyon Partnership and enables your matchmaker to refine their search for your perfect match.

Bowes-Lyon Partnership’s Success Rate

Bowes-Lyon Partnership boasts a 75% success rate, one of the highest at the premium end of the dating industry. Their secret? A combination of exceptional customer service coupled with an ever growing and perfectly balanced membership base…

Hayley & Natalie Bystram are the founders and directors of Bowes-Lyon Partnership Ltd., a London-based, exclusive, international introductions company specialising in bringing together successful, like-minded individuals. For more information, please see their website or call 020 7152 6011.

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