Why A Professional Matchmaking Service Is The Best Choice For Elite Singles…

Using a professional matchmaking service like the one offered by the Bowes-Lyon Partnership has become a lifestyle choice for elite single professionals in the London area.

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Many people want to meet that special someone, but those who enjoy having a dynamic and successful career often don’t have the time or the inclination to join an online dating agency. And we don’t blame them.

Instead, the Bowes-Lyon Partnership offers an effective alternative.

Research tells us that one in four relationships start online in some way or another, so the stigma of using a dating agency has well and truly disappeared. In fact, much like using an iPad, sporting a fitbit or wearing the latest designer clothes, using a professional matchmaking service is a status symbol.

But elite dating agencies like the Bowes-Lyon Partnership still need your help. Here are some great dating tips.

Firstly, it’s important to do some soul-searching before taking out a membership. That sounds pretty heavy but it’s just a question of common sense. Make sure you know what to get out of your membership. For instance, some people will want to find true love, while others are just after a valued companion to share some of life’s adventures with. Ultimately, knowing more about what your goals are is going to be helpful.

Secondly, when it comes to the actual dating, ensure that your mindset is in a good place. An elite dating agency like the Bowes-Lyon Partnership will always have a better chance of finding your perfect match that an online dating agency, but remember that we can’t control every variable. You may find whom your looking for on your first date, but equally, our dating strategy may need tweaking along the way. So if you have a couple of dates that don’t live up to your expectations, remember that the journey is half the fun! Accepting that some things will go to plan and others won’t is part and parcel of dating.

Thirdly, forget any dating ‘rules’ that you may have. Aside from natural etiquette, it’s wise not to have any preconceptions about who should do what. So when it comes to paying a bill, arranging a second date and the like, both parties should be prepared to make the move. Essentially, life is too short. It’s important to be proactive. If you’re joining the Bowes-Lyon Partnership then you’re probably a driven professional who has been proactive throughout their career… so it’s time to carry some of that over to your personal life now.

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