When’s the Best Time to Join a Dating Agency?

When’s the Best Time to Join a Dating Agency?

Week after week, prospective clients write to us wanting to know when they should sign up for a Bowes-Lyon Partnership membership. The answer is NOW!  The New Year is already incredibly busy with many new and exciting members looking for love! Our inboxes are currently being flooded with emails from people who want to ‘Start 2015 off right!’ and ‘Enhance my life this year!’.

Join a Dating Agency

As one new member put it: ‘I realised I could either find lifelong love this year or pay the same amount of money to renovate the bathroom. I’d much rather hug a man at night than a brand new toilet after a heavy night out with the girls swearing off men!’

Although it can be difficult to make the leap and begin on this journey,  it’s worth it! When it comes to our annual membership, it may take a bit of courage to meet with us and take that first step, but the rewards are limitless, and we are finding that dating agencies are becoming the way of the world – you’re not alone!

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership, dating can actually be enjoyable (it’s not meant to be a chore but fun)! We believe that life is too short to be sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, so please, be kind to yourself this year and get in touch! We have so many interesting members just waiting to meet you!

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