What (not) to wear on a date

Bowes-Lyon Partnership What (not) to wear on a date


Dating can throw numerous challenges at us, but one of the most universal concerns is what to wear on a first date? Whilst you will rarely know the person well enough to predict what will be attractive to him/her, there are a few hints and tips that Bowes-Lyon Partnership believes people should follow:


  1. Iron your clothes
    You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview with unwashed hair or un-ironed clothes so take the same attitude when meeting a date for the first time. Whilst it is personality and compatibility that will ensure the longevity of a relationship, first impressions DO count.
  2. Tracksuits/Gym wear
    It will suggest a lack of effort on your part if you turn up in casual wear. You don’t have to wear a Saville Row suit but equally you don’t want to appear as if you’ve just dashed out the house! It’s guaranteed that the lady will have thought about her wardrobe so show that you have too, think smart casual.
  3. Humourous clothes
    Those novelty cufflinks you got at the office Christmas party, the slogan t-shirt and The Simpson’s tie – all a big fat no!!
  4. Aftershave
    It’s always good to smell nice and believe it or not, it’s something our lady members often mention when we discuss their preferences in a gentleman. There is such a thing as overpowering someone aswell so always remember that less is more!



  1. Too much make-up
    You would not believe how many of our gentlemen members list too much make-up as one of their major turn-offs! Natural beauty is so much more attractive.
  2. Be comfortable and do not try and be someone you’re not
    Your clothes should enhance your personality and character. The purpose of a date is to get to know someone better and if you are dressed against your natural style and out of your comfort zone it will show and the real you will not come across to your date.
  3. Dress for your age
    Ladies dressing as teenagers or equally dressing like their grandmothers is going to create a negative impression straight away.
  4. Revealing too much skin
    A skirt that skims the bottom or a top that shows your entire cleavage does not exude class. Think Audrey Hepburn not Pamela Anderson!


The main rule of thumb for both parties is to be comfortable. Attractive and appropriate clothing will enhance your confidence and help you to shine on a date. The goal is to be chic not cheap, fashionable but not über-trendy, memorable not laughable.

Remember, for that extra reassurance, all Bowes-Lyon Partnership members can chose a complimentary one-hour style session with our in-house Image Experts!!

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