What makes a good first impression?

When you join a dating agency and get a meeting in the diary, it’s natural for the pulse to start racing. As the Bowes-Lyon Partnership knows, feeling that you could be about to meet that special someone is a really exciting time.

You may have already seen your date’s profile picture, talked on the phone and perhaps even exchanged emails or texts. As a result, it’s easy to build up a complete picture of how your date walks, talks and behaves before you know it. First impressions about a person are important, but always keep an open mind during the first few dates, because that special person may not come in exactly the ‘package’ you had in mind.

The first meeting.
When it comes to physically meeting ‘the one’, some people are looking for an immediate spark and a romantic, love-at-first sight connection that’s straight out of the movies. Others are more patient and are looking for someone to connect with, maybe someone they like and want to see again, but not necessarily someone who immediately strikes them as their ‘type’. The Bowes-Lyon Partnership will obviously match likeminded people together, but bear in mind that both ways work and that people build lifelong relationships with either approach – so just relax and see where each date takes you.

first impressions - date

The venue.
Choose a venue that you love, or one that intrigues you. Again, this is all part of the first impression. From swanky bars and restaurants, to laid back pubs, the venues for a first date are as diverse as the personalities – and salaries – of Londoners. But it doesn’t have to be a bar or a restaurant. How about an art gallery? The best idea is to create interest and feed conversation. After all, when we’re happily chatting we’re happy people, and there’s nothing better for a date than two happy people.

first impressions - venue

Dress code.
We’re told to never judge a book by its cover, but it’s always worth dressing to impress. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend hours grooming and glamourising. Make sure you’re comfortable and wearing something that best represents you. Putting yourself in something completely out of character will bug you (and possibly your date) all night.

Take it from an elite dating agency – the most important factor with dating is to be true to yourself. Don’t over-analyse what you’ve said or try and force feelings that may not be there, but don’t be too dismissive either. Keep an all-important open mind and relax.

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