Welcome To The Age of Smartphone Romance

Welcome To The Age of Smartphone Romance


A brand new dating survey has revealed that we rely on smartphones more than ever in order to woo potential partners. ‘Mobile’s Impact on Dating and Relationships’ found that approximately one third of all men and women agree that it is less intimidating to ask someone on a date through a text message, rather than making a phone call. 46% of single people have become upset with someone over their text message response times, and 78% said they would expect communication 24 hours after a first date.

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Hayley Bystram, director of Bowes-Lyon Partnership, an elite introduction agency for professionals, says, “The age of technology has made us more reliant on our phones than ever, even in our love lives! More and more dates and relationships are initiated using smartphones, and it seems to be a resounding success. Rather than seeing smartphones and technology as a potential barrier in relationships, perhaps we should view them as the next step in modern romance.”

One of the great advantages smartphones offer us is the ability to be in contact on the go. Before mobile phones were ever invented, dates had to be arranged in person, or landlines had to be used at a time when both parties were at home. Nowadays, people can keep in constant contact, and can use a multitude of communication methods to get in touch with their prospective date. They can drop a casual email during a lunch break, they can send a text message, leave a voicemail or even use a social network to reach out.

This also works to the advantage of people who are in relationships, especially the busy, elite professionals that use exclusive dating agencies like Bowes-Lyon Partnership. If two people in a relationship find that they are not getting enough time with one another at home or outside of work, they can use technology to increase their communication. Skyping after lunch, FaceTiming on the commute to and from work, and even simply playing one another at smartphone Scrabble can help to keep the relationship fresh and exciting when both parties must spend time apart.

The myth that smartphone communication shows the death of romance is slowly being debunked. Smartphones can be used to send flowers to a significant other wherever you are in the world. They can remotely turn down the lights for an intimate dinner at home, or they can be used to book a table at a restaurant for a special date. There is even a smartphone app which can help men or women decide on the perfect marriage proposal for their other half, based on information about their likes, dislikes and personality traits. Smartphones don’t have to mean the end of romance; with a little creativity they can mean the beginning of a new romantic era.


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