Valentine’s Day – why this romantic day is actually for singletons

Valentine's Day

Is it me or did Valentine’s Day get hijacked?

Hijacked by couples.

Couples who already have their anniversaries of their first date, engagement, or wedding to celebrate.

Does anyone else remember when Valentine’s was a day when single people bought anonymous cards for each other? When the day was about sending and receiving these cards and presents, not from a partner but from an unknown secret admirer?

Ah – the excitement! The mystery. The attempts to guess who has sent us the card. And the courage to send our own, desperately trying to keep our identities hidden as we concealed our handwriting or posted the card from a different postcode. Now, that is true romance!

At Bowes-Lyon this is a day we can get behind, a day where romance shows up for singletons. This Valentine’s day we bring you our tips on how singletons can reclaim this day.

  1. Romance isn’t just for those in relationships. Why not send an anonymous card to someone you admire? It will definitely give them the delight of knowing they are desired and knowing that can be fun in itself. But, also, it’s a bit dangerous in a thrilling way, as you might get discovered. But why not live on the edge and take bold action? It can only make life fuller and more varied.
  2. If cards aren’t your thing, perhaps another romantic gesture? You could simply leave rose petals on her car or pathway so that when she goes out in the morning she is blown away. What woman wouldn’t want to see her desirability expressed in that way?
  3. If there is no one (yet) to romance, then romance yourself. What sensory pleasures can you luxuriate in from buying your favourite food, a luxurious fragrance for your room or bath, or an outfit that makes you feel amazing. Don’t wait for someone to come into your life and spoil you. Indulge yourself. You deserve it. Perhaps treat yourself to a massage or book that trip you’ve always wanted to take.

Whether you are attached or single this Valentine’s day, romance is for everyone. So, we wish you a very romantic Valentine’s Day. And, if it’s made you realise you’d like to find that special someone to shower attention on, then why not talk to us and see how we can help. Call us on 0203 866 4440 or email

All our love, your secret admirer! Valentine's Day

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