The three relationship resolutions you should make for 2018

After the festive merriment of Christmas, the celebration of a New Year follows closely, and with it comes a great number of resolutions made by people all over the world. Many will see 2018 as a fresh start for them, and will attempt to change their life for the better, whether it is to take up a hobby, quit a bad habit or adapt a healthier lifestyle. One of the most popular resolutions for many is to make a real, concerted attempt in their romantic relationships. Whether you are single and searching, or in a relationship, here are our top three relationship resolutions for 2018.

Put Away Your Phone

Named in 2017 as sidebarring, looking at your phone, instead of who you are with, is a dating no-no and a relationship destroyer. The greatest thing you can do for a date or partner is to give them your full attention. Whilst you may think you can multi-task the reality is that none of us can do that as well as we think we can. Furthermore, it makes your other half feel second best. This is not the way to grow a fulfilling relationship or get a second date. A resolution for 2018 must surely be to lose that addiction to your technology. What’s happening online is not more interesting or important than what’s happening in real life in this moment

Embrace Differences

Feeling annoyed that your partner is different to you, or turning down dates with someone because they don’t like the same things as you, is short-sighted. Here is what you are missing. When we avoid potential dates, who are different to ourselves we limit our lives and remain in the same, often small, comfort zone. People with different hobbies, interests and opinions can help expand our worlds and our minds. Think about it – two heads are only better than one if they think differently. Partner who introduce us to new things and new ways of thinking help us grow and evolve and bring surprise into our lives. We can feel we want to stay safe and control where our life goes, but this can also suck all the fun out of it. Who knows where life may take you when you fall for someone with another take on things. Embrace differences and understand also that you don’t have to do everything together, you can be apart and then bring your experiences back to the other to share

Reflect, Review and Adjust

The end of an old year and the start of a new one is the perfect time to review and adjust. This means we look back at the last year and review what went well and what could be improved on. This can give us a helpful direction for 2018. Furthermore, seeing in black and white the huge success and issues you overcame in the past year can make us more hopeful and positive. If we are in relationships, can we find time to have a joint review? Get out of the house, to a new space, perhaps in nature, where you can look at what worked and make plans for a new year together. This can help each other feel heard, as well as ensuring you are both pulling in the same direction for the new year.

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