Things To Bear In Mind If Sharing A Photo With A Potential Date…

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership we don’t work solely with photos, in fact they often don’t play a part in our introductions at all. Our members are serious about finding a long term committed partner and are looking across a wide cross section of criteria when searching for their ideal match. If we do share photos with members, we always get the express consent of the individual beforehand as confidentiality and discretion are paramount at Bowes-Lyon.

Photos can be very misleading and missed opportunities can arise from a poorly taken photo, so at Bowes-Lyon we think there are a few things to avoid when choosing photos to share with a potential introduction:

DIY or Group shots
Silhouette of a group of friendsYou want to make life as easy as possible for people looking at your profile, so keep things simple and only have pictures of yourself. Specific photos to avoid are ones of you with your ex, ones featuring attractive friends of the same sex or photos of you with children or pets. Photos where the other person has been blatantly cut out are also to be avoided as are shots you’ve taken in the mirror yourself, which could send out the signal you don’t have any friends to take the photo for you!

A girl in a maskHidden face shots
The whole point of sharing a photo is to show people what you look like. Pictures where you’re half hidden behind something may be artistic and flattering, but they can also suggest you are trying to hide something. Photographs taken abroad are often our best ones, we look tanned, relaxed and happy, but they also often include a pair of face obscuring sunglasses and big hats!

Silly face shots

You may well want to show your fun and playful side to potential partners, but remember that your main objective is to look appealing (this is true for both men and women!). Funny expressions or photos where you are blatantly drunk are in no way attractive and they often create the wrong impression.

Posed makeover shots
A lady with elaborate make-up Having a good photo of yourself to share is important and if you have to pay someone to take that photo, then it’s far preferable than having a bad webcam shot on there. On the other hand, posing or looking blatantly overly made up can make people think you’re trying to portray somebody you’re not. Opt instead for casual and natural looking photos – no special lighting, makeup, backgrounds or poses required.

“Sexy” shots
If you’re serious about finding love, it’s best to avoid seductive shots. Apart from sometimes having the opposite effect, they also send the wrong message about what you want. But even the subtler six-pack shots or leaning-into-the-camera cleavage shots are likely to do more harm than good.

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