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We currently have many people approaching us asking how they are ever going to find the perfect match. With a database of nearly 800 people, and with our careful selection process, we can guarantee that we will introduce you to like-minded people with similar values, interests and lifestyles, which are the basis of a long-lasting relationship. However, another factor that plays an important part in the process is your attitude. We find that those with a positive attitude find their perfect match significantly more quickly than those with reservations. Let me demonstrate this to you further…

Take 30 seconds to look around you and mentally take note of all the red things around you.

Now close your eyes and try and recall everything that was blue… nearly impossible right?

Our brains can only process so much information so if you are continually focusing on the negatives you will not have any brain space left to process the positives. This is not to say you should blinker yourself from all the bad points a person has, and if alarm bells are ringing from the get-go then trust your instincts. However, rather than fussing over how long your date took to reply to your text, or that they only left one kiss in their last WhatsApp message, why not focus on how you both spent your childhood summers in the same spot in the South of France, or how you both have the exact same taste in music!

We find that the little nuances that people turn into deal-breakers in the initial stages of dating pale to insignificance during a long-term relationship. So the key to a successful relationship… have a positive attitude, focus on the good points and just have fun!

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