The Highs & Lows Of The Wedding Season…

With Summer nearly at a close, the wedding season is becoming a little less fast paced, which may be a relief for those who are single and have had to sit through half a dozen weddings this year so far….or is it?!

A recent Parship survey questioned over 500 UK singles about their attitudes towards the likes of marriage and being single. The results found that although over 60% of the respondents had been married before and the majority (59%) said they still believed in the institution of marriage with 61% confirming they would be keen to marry or remarry.

With so many wishing they were happily married, wouldn’t you think the wedding season would have become tiresome to those not in a similar situation? Apparently not, as over 57% of the singles surveyed admitted to loving the Wedding season, demonstrating that the UK is, after all, a rather hopeful not to mention pretty romantic nation! The survey demonstrated that the majority are happy for friends and family to tie the knot regardless of their own status in life, suggesting that witnessing others getting married perhaps reinforces the belief that one day it will happen for us all!

A married couple
Now moving on to the bit that isn’t filled with doves cooing and music tinkling in the background… The complaint that popped up the most in the ‘what’s the thing that annoys you the most at a wedding?’ category was being seated at the ‘losers’ table or being shepherded off to the children and elderly relatives corner because you arrived without that oh so important date on your arm!

But the survey did find that although not many complained about being made to feel ‘single’ per se, nearly a third did report to feeling a little blue because weddings underlined the fact they were not in the same boat as the newlyweds.

So if you’ve made it through the wedding season relatively unscathed but the thought of experiencing the next wedding season without a ‘plus one’ doesn’t appeal, then Bowes-Lyon Partnership, one of London’s leading introduction companies, may very well be able to assist! If you are single, accomplished and serious about finding a long term committed partner, then contact the team your complimentary consultation.

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