The Good, the Bad & The Ugly of Online Dating!

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Bowes-Lyon Partnership have collated the feedback from lots of anecdotes we’ve received from people about their online dating experiences – some are good, some are bad and, you’ve guessed it, some are UGLY!

1) Access to potentially millions of singles in the same boat as you – giving you access to a large pool of people and therefore increasing your chances.
2) Discover matches based on criteria – you can search based on location, occupation, looks etc.
3) Low cost – pay by month or get a cheaper rate by signing up for longer.

1) Reveal yourself to the world – Could ‘John’ from accounts see my profile?!
2) Men seem to greatly outnumber the women – Great for Women, bad for men!
3) Misrepresentation – Dave, 6’1″, athletic build and brown hair, turns out to be ‘Kevin’, 5’5″, used to have brown hair & has clearly overindulged in a few too many kebabs recently tipping the scales into the clinically obese arena…!

1) The profiles could in fact be anyone – could you even be opening yourself up to those with a criminal record?
2) Marital status may say ‘single’ but there seem to be an awful lot of married people on those ‘single’ sites!
3) Identity theft – you’ve got your name, your date of birth and often lots of other references to personal info that could be used to steal your identity…

If you are an accomplished, upbeat and positive individual who is serious about finding a long term committed partner but don’t want to go online, then an introduction company like Bowes-Lyon Partnership could be just the ticket for you. To find out more, call us, request a brochure or a complimentary consultation.

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