The Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Plans

The most romantic of days is mere days away, and feverish preparations are taking place across the country as men and women endeavour to plan a night of unforgettable romance for their significant other. Many couples choose to do something as simple as taking the night off and enjoying a home-cooked meal, whilst others go all out with extravagant dinners, expensive hotels and even trips abroad. For the elite individuals who are clients of discreet introduction service Bowes-Lyon Partnership, planning a Valentine’s Day event for a date or someone new can be tough, especially with hectic work commitments and a busy lifestyle. This guide outlines some of the best last-minute Valentine’s plans which will ensure a memorable night is had by all.

The Great Outdoors

Restaurants, theatres, hotels and popular tourist attractions are often booked up to the hilt on Valentine’s Day. One activity which doesn’t require any sort of booking and is guaranteed to beat the crowds is a trip to the countryside for the day. The weekend before or after Valentine’s Day, taking a significant other on a beautiful walking tour of some of England’s beautiful natural scenery can be just as romantic as dinner by candlelight. The Peak District National Park is home to some of the most stunning views in the country, and with areas of outstanding national beauty such as the Brecon Beacons and Dartmoor just a few hours’ drive away, Valentine’s Day does not have to be spent contending with other couples for dinner reservations.

A couple standing on a jetty

Hit A Museum

Not traditionally locations of great romance, a museum can still be considered a quirky, original and stress-free venue for a budding relationship to bloom. The constant streams of exhibits, paintings or other works of art provide endless conversation starters; useful if this is a first date arranged by an elite dating service, as the fear of awkward silence is eliminated. Kensington Palace houses a delightful array of exhibitions, with one dedicated entirely to the love and devotion between Queen Victoria and her husband Albert. A survey of 71% regular visitors to art gallery also found that the UK’s most romantic painting can be found in Southampton’s municipal gallery, and features Romeo and Juliet before they are parted; the last time they will see each other alive.

Make It Sociable

The 14th February often heralds a lot of pressure for those in couples or those embarking on a new relationship after meeting through a discreet introduction agency. One of the best ways to ease the pressure and relax on Valentine’s Day is to hold an informal evening for friends at home. Put on a basic spread of wine, cheese and other snacks, crack out some traditional board games and invite some couples and friends along to join the fun.

A group of friends having a dinner party

A game of ‘Mr and Mrs’ can test how well each couple really knows each other, while poker or a similar card game using chocolates as a stake will make for a fun, low-key evening.


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