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Valentine’s Day – why this romantic day is actually for singletons

Valentine's Day

Is it me or did Valentine’s Day get hijacked? Hijacked by couples. Couples who already have their anniversaries of their first date, engagement, or wedding to celebrate. Does anyone else remember when Valentine’s was a day when single people bought

4 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is The Best Time To Join An Introduction Agency

Love is in the air and with every shop window filled with heart shaped novelties and sumptuous treats, it’s difficult to avoid the upcoming celebrations of love. If you are currently single and looking to explore your options on finding

Over 1 Million Flower Bouquets Are Sold For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is comparable to Christmas in the dating world, and here at Bowes-Lyon Partnership the festivities are in full swing! In honour of this beautiful day we thought we would celebrate by sharing some very interesting facts with this great infographic created by Carvaka.

What Can I Do to Make My ‘Single’ Valentine’s Day Brighter?

single valentines

What Can I Do to Make My ‘Single’ Valentine’s Day Brighter? Let’s face it, when you’re single, a day that celebrates love for 24 hours isn’t exactly appealing. In fact, it can be quite depressing if you allow yourself to

How Do You Spoil Your Partner without Spending a Fortune?

spoil your partner

How Do You Spoil Your Partner without Spending a Fortune?   Incredibly, it’s February tomorrow and thus the beginning of the month of love and Valentine’s Day! This week, I’ve been asked by a gentleman enquirer to list inexpensive ways

No More Lonely Valentine’s


Valentine’s Day can often have the effect of making those who are not in relationships feel lonely. Gathering groups of friends and heading out for an evening of anti-romance, staying late at work, or spending the night studiously ignoring the soppy

The Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Plans

Outdoors Couple

The most romantic of days is mere days away, and feverish preparations are taking place across the country as men and women endeavour to plan a night of unforgettable romance for their significant other. Many couples choose to do something

Choose an Elite Dating Agency to Avoid a Lonely Valentine’s

Christmas can be a lonely time for those who find themselves single or unattached. A time to enjoy the company of loved ones and friends, the festive season can quite often have the unintended effect of making those without a

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