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Are You Settling For Less Than You Deserve?

Are you Settling for Less that you Deserve…??   There is an underlying unease that women experience at all ages…   During the late teens and early twenties it is often associated with lack of self-esteem. In the late twenties

6 Things Lifelong Happy Couples Do

lifelong happy couples

6 Things Lifelong Happy Couples Do   I stumbled across this inspiring article from the Huffington Post last week and had to share it. So many of us grow up believing that love is doomed to fail, but this article gives

What’s One Dating Mistake That People Often Make?

dating mistakes

What’s One Dating Mistake That People Often Make? As you can imagine, we get asked this question all the time, and unfortunately, you may not like my answer!  To put it simply, flexibility is a must when it comes to love, dating, and

Relationship Advice From Ol’ Blue Eyes

dating advice

Legendary singer and member of the famous Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, once sang the words: ‘a simple ‘I love you’ means more than money’. In the song, Tell Her You Love Her, Ol’ Blue Eyes sings about how a simple

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