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The One Thing History Teaches Us About Matchmaking

A drawing of a Victorian couple

Being a member of an elite matchmaking agency like the Bowes-Lyon Partnership is something that’s very much in vogue at the moment. Having a dating agency that can offer you a tailored, bespoke service means that a professional matchmaker can

How Chelsea Flower Show can help your love life…

hayley with champagne

I have recently moved house and have a new garden that is a blank canvas crying out for some creative design. And where do you go for the best garden design ideas…? Chelsea Flower Show, of course!  Ambitious? Perhaps a tad, but

Dating Advice: How to get over a break-up

Couple holding hands in the sun

Whether you’re freshly single or trying to get back into the dating scene, meeting someone new is one thing, but connecting with him or her is another. The dating experts at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership will use all their experience to

Are You Ready To Meet Your Future?

The funny thing about matchmaking is that it’s essentially timeless. That is to say, matchmaking has been going on in many different cultures for centuries – the need for matchmaking then was just the same as it is today. The

Dating Tips From An Experienced Matchmaker

Dating Tips

At the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we’re proud to say that we have a team of expert matchmakers who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to dating. As an elite dating agency that’s been around for a while, we’ve noticed

Matchmaking Tips: we’re similar, yet different

professional matchmaking different personalities

The great thing about life is that everyone’s different. From our DNA to our dress sense, the world would be a boring pace if we were all the same. But although we’re unique, we share certain similarities nonetheless, and that’s

Dating tips to help your mindset

Dating Tips

Ever wondered what makes for a great date? The Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an elite dating agency that helps connect professional, likeminded individuals. We offer a bespoke, effective membership – our team of experienced matchmakers personally get to know everything about

Opposites might attract, but equals attract more

Equals Attract

They say opposites attract, but that’s really just a bit of a myth. It can happen of course, but the truth is, you’re much more likely to find true love by dating a likeminded person. An equal. Someone who thinks like

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