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Happy 6th Birthday Bowes-Lyon Partnership!

Birthday cake

Today we are celebrating our 6th Birthday at Bowes-Lyon Partnership!! This year we have seen many more marriages and successful relationships, and we are thrilled to have another Bowes-Lyon baby on the way! The company is continuing to grow, with

Dating Agency Tips: What Makes For A Perfect Dinner Date?

A couple on a date in a restaurant

As an elite dating agency, we know that most couples go to a restaurant to eat dinner on a first date. Yet for something so common, many things still go awry. Dinner dates aren’t always as straightforward as they seem.

Don’t Be Too Busy To Date – Use A Professional Matchmaking Service

Love Clock

There are many reasons why someone might be single. It could be because of a bad experience in a previous relationship, a lack of confidence or even overconfidence. For many people though, they’re single because they lead very busy lives

The All-Important End To That First Date

Picture of a couple kissing by a lake

When it comes to that first date there’s no denying that first impressions count. But how can you ensure you leave a positive lasting impression when the date ends. And if the spark isn’t there, what’s the best way to

Professional matchmaking – the taboo has gone

Professional Matchmaking

  There used to be a bit of a stigma attached to professional matchmaking and online dating in general, but times have changed. There’s been a clear shift in attitude, maybe even a cultural change, over the last decade. And

Shun Dating Site Gimmicks to Build Meaningful Connections, say Elite Dating Agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership

Asa dating site in the US resorts to using pets at matchmaking criteria, elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership is urging those looking for love to shun the gimmicks associated with online dating and turn to something with more depth. The

Looking For Commitment in 2015? Bowes-Lyon Partnership Helps Elite Professionals Find Their Match

The party poppers and champagne have been put away for another year, and 2015 is well and truly under way – and one elite dating service is helping to ensure that the New Year will bring more successful romantic endeavours

Don’t Let London Life Stand In The Way of Dating, with Bowes-Lyon Partnership

Bowes-Lyon Partnership, the capital’s leading professional introduction agency, is urging London-dwellers not to let their hectic lifestyles distract from finding love this Christmas.

Enjoy Discreet, Confidential Matchmaking with Bowes-Lyon Partnership

Discreet Couple

Enjoy Discreet, Confidential Matchmaking with Bowes-Lyon Partnership ‘Discretion’ is this week’s dating buzzword – and luckily for London’s legion of professionals looking for love, elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership has it in abundance. After it was revealed that both Benedict

Online Dating Has Shortened the Dating Cycle – Turn to Bowes-Lyon Partnerships to Find Lasting Love

Online Dating Has Shortened the Dating Cycle – Turn to Bowes-Lyon Partnerships to Find Lasting Love Technology has shortened the dating process to the point where relationships can be over almost as soon as they’ve got off the ground –

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