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Dating Advice: How to get over a break-up

Couple holding hands in the sun

Whether you’re freshly single or trying to get back into the dating scene, meeting someone new is one thing, but connecting with him or her is another. The dating experts at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership will use all their experience to

I did not want to go running this evening…..


After getting back from the office, where I’d sat behind a desk on a gloriously sunny day, I wanted to relax in the garden and get the BBQ going. In my head I was justifying that it was only one

Dating Tips From An Experienced Matchmaker

Dating Tips

At the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we’re proud to say that we have a team of expert matchmakers who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to dating. As an elite dating agency that’s been around for a while, we’ve noticed

How Do I Guarantee Success in Finding Love?

think positive

How Do I Guarantee Success in Finding Love?   We all know there are no guarantees in life or in love, but there are a few ways to make it much more likely that you’ll meet the man or woman

What’s the Strangest Dating Craze Yet?

strangest dating craze

What’s the Strangest Dating Craze Yet?   A few weeks ago at The Shard, a meet-up group held a dating event we never knew existed – group Twister for singles! Hundreds gathered to participate in the game with the hopes of

The One Thing That May Be Keeping You Single

keeping you single

The One Thing That May Be Keeping You Single   Do you judge people before they even open their mouths? Do you make knee-jerk assumptions and generalisations about the opposite sex? That may be the reason why you’re still single.   We

5 Outdoor Summer Date Ideas

summer date ideas

5 Outdoor Summer Date Ideas   Looking for a few fresh summer date ideas? We’ve got you covered (as long as the sun is shining, that is!). 1. St. Katherine’s Dock  A gorgeous well-kept, London secret. 2. Rooftop Film Night  Most

Do You Really Want to Find Love?

Find Love

Do You Really Want to Find Love? At Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we have the pleasure of meeting so many fascinating people. One of their commonalities of course is that they all want to find love. But sometimes we wonder if that’s actually true,

Happiness Makes You More Attractive


Happiness Makes You More Attractive   I recently read an article about the fact that nothing is more attractive than a happy person. I’m inclined to agree!   So if you find yourself on the hunt for love, first ask

The Top Worst Reasons to Stay Friends with Your Ex

Friends with ex

One of the age old questions (along with whether men and women can be friends) is whether you should stay friends with your ex. Although you broke up for a reason, it can sometimes feel like a waste to sever ties with

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