Still Single After The Summer?

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Summer can be a great time to be footloose and fancy free, but if like many you have made it to the end of the Summer without shedding that single status, the shine can sometimes wear a little thin. Especially if those close to you are either married, planning their wedding, are celebrating their 5th anniversary or seem to be going on a couple of dates a week!

Friends will no doubt tell you that ‘The One’ will come along sooner or later, but it’s the thought of him or her not coming along until very much later that can lead to a little despondency.

If you’ve tried online dating and dating friends of friends and the thought of speed dating or dating a work colleague strikes the fear of God into you then maybe it’s time to consider something a little different – contact a matchmaker!

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership we work with accomplished, refined and single individuals from the ages of late 20s to late 60s. We tailor our memberships around each member to ensure we meet the needs of each individual. We meet with every prospective member and only take them on if we truly believe we can find their perfect match.

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