Shun Modern Technology and Reclaim Traditional Dating Values with Bowes-Lyon Partnership

Shun Modern Technology and Reclaim Traditional Dating Values with Bowes-Lyon Partnership


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In a world where we Tinder more than we talk, and where telephone calls to a loved one seem hopelessly outdated, one of the UK’s elite introduction services is urging more people to reclaim the traditional values of dating and put the spark back into their love life – by taking a break from modern technology.


Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an elite dating agency specialising in introducing high-powered individuals to one another, using the power of intuitive match-making. As they shun the automated algorithms that many dating services rely on for a more personal approach, the team at Bowes-Lyon Partnership are urging more people to put down their smartphones and tablets and enjoy some of the more time-honoured traditions of dating.


Hayley Bystram, Director of Bowes-Lyon Partnership, says, “We live in a world where we spend hours on end staring at the screens on our smartphones and tablets – and it’s having a real effect on our dating prospects! We spend so much time chatting to people online and through text messages that many people have forgotten how to build a relationship with someone in real life! Here at Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we’re encouraging more people to put down their smartphones for an evening and enjoy a date free from technology. It’s refreshing to enjoy a night with a prospective partner without checking emails or taking a call, and it can help to ignite a spark that may have been buried underneath all of those gadgets!”


The match-making experts at Bowes-Lyon Partnership practice what they preach – their unique introduction service for elite clients is far removed from the conventional online dating profiles and matching processes that many agencies offer. With a specialist team of intuitive match-makers, the introduction agency makes an effort to get to know each of its clients on a personal level, learning about their goals and ambitions, their morals and values, and the type of person they would be best matched with. They then use this information to create matches with other clients that they’ve also built up a strong relationship with, for a match-making service that is based on gut feeling and intuition, rather than mass online algorithms that can often fall short of the mark.

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It’s this move away from technology that has made Bowes-Lyon Partnership so successful in creating matches for their clients – and now they’re encouraging more people to take up these more traditional values in their dating endeavours. The elite dating experts are urging everyone to turn off their phones at dinner, divert all calls to voicemail and enjoy the company of their prospective partner, rather than relying on technology to manufacture chemistry that may not translate to real life.


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