Shun Dating Site Gimmicks to Build Meaningful Connections, say Elite Dating Agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership

Asa dating site in the US resorts to using pets at matchmaking criteria, elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership is urging those looking for love to shun the gimmicks associated with online dating and turn to something with more depth. The personal, confidential matchmaking service connects members using morals, values and personality traits, rather than physical characteristics or hobbies – and this nuanced approach has a much higher chance of leading to a long-lasting, meaningful relationship.

The US site in question connects single pet owners, and even encourages users to bring their pets along on a first date to break the ice. But basing a relationship upon a single shared interest can be risky, according to the experts at Bowes-Lyon Partnership.

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Hayley Bystram, Director of the exclusive introduction agency, says, “While it’s definitely a novelty to connect with someone with a shared hobby or a mutual interest, it’s tough to build an entire relationship on that single point. In some lucky cases, the couple may hit it off instantly, but just because two people have dogs or like tennis, doesn’t mean they’re more likely to be a match.”

She adds, “The entire premise of Bowes-Lyon Partnership is that we connect individuals based on their morals, their values and their personality. We get to know each of our members better than an online profile or algorithm can, and we use our years of matchmaking experience to connect them with other professionals that we feel will be the right fit. This personal approach has helped us to facilitate hundreds of matches over the years, and many of them have gone on to enjoy long-lasting and successful relationships, rather than a flash in the pan.”

In recent years, dating sites and services have popped up all over the web offering niche services for those with very specific demands. There are dating sites for those who like uniformed professionals, dating sites for especially tall people, and even dating sites for those who adopt a gluten-free diet. While these gimmicks might be a great way to attract members and match people based on a single point of reference, they’re not conducive to balanced, well-rounded and successful relationships.

Bowes-Lyon Partnerships shuns online profiles and niche demands for deeper, more meaningful aspects of the relationship. The team strive to get to know each and every member in detail. At the beginning of their membership, the matchmaking experts sit down for an informal coffee with new members to figure out what makes them tick and what they’re looking for in a match. There are also follow-ups after every date, to ensure that the team are on the right track with finding matches – it’s the important details that matter at Bowes-Lyon Partnership.

By building a relationship on a more solid foundation of shared core values and compatible personalities, Bowes-Lyon Partnership ensures a higher quality of match than many other dating services, and gives single professionals a great shot at finding their soulmate.

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