Should You Be Dating A Lawyer?

Should You Be Dating A Lawyer?

A recent article on popular dating site eHarmony hasdating a lawyer given a list of in-depth reasons why their members should seek a lawyer to date. The list of 15 reasons, which bizarrely includes ‘free legal advice’ and ‘financial stability’, is causing much amusement in the dating world, as the rest of the population try to imagine what lawyers could possibly have that they don’t. But reading deeper into the list, there are a number of morals and lessons about finding a soulmate that anyone can take to heart.

Hayley Bystram, Director of elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership, says, “The list from eHarmony is supposedly a spin on a list of eligible London barristers, and we at Bowes-Lyon Partnership can definitely see the funny side. As many of our clients are elite professionals, the chances of some of them being top lawyers is fairly high, though we’d discourage many of our clients from using financial criteria and the fact they can have access to free legal notebooks as a reason to date someone! Reading between the lines in this list, we are able to find some sound advice for general dating that can be applied to anyone and everyone.”

One of the reasons on the list is that lawyers are impeccable dressers, renowned for having numerous suits and formal outfits in their wardrobe. Whilst having good dress sense might be a personal preference for certain individuals, it is not generally deemed as a ‘must’ on the criteria for a future soulmate. Looks aren’t everything, and this is a mantra which should be taken into all future first dates. Physical attraction is important, but emotional connections are what holds couples together.


Another reason to date a lawyer is that they are supposedly good at conflict resolution. This is a major advantage in a relationship; finding someone who can solve a problem or enter into a calm debate, looking at situations rationally and with all the evidence, is sometimes important when it comes to arguments. Every couple argues from time to time, but it is important to look for someone who has a reasonable nature, and is willing to admit that they are wrong. The ability to swallow pride and admit fault in any situation is more admirable than simply being able to resolve conflict because of a legal qualification.

The list also states the majority of lawyers are financially secure. Whilst for many members of exclusive introduction agencies, money is an important part of their lives, it should not be the be all and end all of dating and relationships. The old saying goes that money doesn’t buy happiness, and although it can lead to an exceptionally comfortable lifestyle, it doesn’t have a great sense of humour, it doesn’t give you comfort on a rainy day and it can’t offer the emotional connection that you receive from your true soulmate.

So perhaps dating a lawyer is fun and exciting, with numerous benefits, but there is more to true love than being a sharp dresser and being able to argue eloquently.

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