Second Date Ideas

You don’t have to be a dating expert to know that drinks, lunch or dinner is the perfect choice for a first meeting, because it provides exactly the right kind of social setting to get to know your date. Also, most restaurants and wine bars provide a relaxing atmosphere, if not a romantic one.

Choosing a more adventurous theme for a first date because you think ‘that’s what you should do’ is a bad idea, because you might not find out whether your partner is right for you. However, if you get on famously with your date and you both intend on meeting again, it’s the second date you might need inspiration for. The second date definitely gives you an opportunity to do something a bit different.

But what should you do? Chances are you still don’t know that much about your companion. Fear not, help is at hand. The dating experts at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership have some advice.

Hopefully you’ll have learned a few things about your date from your first meeting. Are they the outdoors type? Do they like gigs, art, opera or musicals? You may not always come up with the perfect idea for your date, but that doesn’t mean that your second meeting won’t be fun.

Something with a casual ambiance might be best. A theme with background noise will be a sure-fire winner.  If your date is into physical exertion, a picturesque walk can be incredibly romantic (so long as you check the weather first). Maybe a visit to an aquarium, the theater or a museum can be nice too, as having an excuse to play the tourist is a rarity in our busy lives.

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Alternatively, laughter is always welcome on a date, so a night out at your local comedy club? Lastly, you could potentially try out a new cuisine. Hunt out something relevant – perhaps your date said that they’ve traveled to somewhere exotic? It’s still visiting a restaurant, but it’s a new experience you can share together and sharing new experiences is a great way to build a connection with someone. Sampling food from a different culture is lots of fun and a great conversation-starter.

In summary, a good second date will be an idea that still allows for conversation, but should perhaps offer more of a pleasant distraction. It should be a date which takes away some of the focus from the pair of you, so that you’re not under pressure to talk incessantly (which was probably the case on your first date).

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