Recession Spurs Londoners On To Find Love

A great number of professionals up and down the country are encountering troubling times at work right now, with economic volatility, public sector cuts and a resounding air of uncertainty surrounding the country as a whole. It is made all the more gloomy by the fact that some of these hard working and dedicated professionals end up taking their work home with them; the lack of someone waiting at home after a bad day at the office can make the idea of work seem all-consuming, and many enter a negative mindset as a result of this.

Whilst professional lives are so difficult, it can be important to have someone to return home to, who can offset the negativity and help in the process of unwinding and relaxation. Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an elite introduction service which can help with just this, matching successful and like-minded individuals with each other and giving those who may find themselves preoccupied with work the chance to find true love. Whilst there are no failsafe dating recipes that will work for everyone, Bowes-Lyon Partnership offers a completely tailor-made service to ensure that no matter how busy the client, they have the highest chances of meeting a match.

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The service is distinguished from other introduction services in that the comprehensive membership is completely bespoke, and the staff work with each of their members closely, getting to know them in order to better understand what they might look for in a potential soul mate. The strategic Bowes-Lyon Index tool is combined with years of matchmaking know-how in order to bring together two people who might not have otherwise found each other without the help of the service, giving elite professionals something to look forward to each night when they are having a tough day at the office.

The incredibly diverse portfolio that Bowes-Lyon Partnership has also means that complex requirements and needs can be met. Those who have high-powered jobs can be paired with someone in a similar field, who completely understands the stresses associated with their job and is also searching for someone to take their mind off it outside of working hours. Alternatively, someone might wish to meet someone working in an industry completely different to their own, so that there is no danger of ‘talking shop’ outside the office. All of these needs can be catered for in the tailor-made introduction service which places focus on members as professional individuals who want to escape the stresses and strains of their jobs by meeting someone special.


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