Opposites might attract, but equals attract more

Equals Attract

They say opposites attract, but that’s really just a bit of a myth. It can happen of course, but the truth is, you’re much more likely to find true love by dating a likeminded person. An equal. Someone who thinks like you is much more likely to appreciate you. And that’s where a dating agency like the Bowes-Lyon Partnership can step in and help.

Finding a likeminded partner is especially important when you’re an accomplished professional leading a busy life. Meeting someone who understands the pressures and commitments that an important career can bring is vital, but it’s also true that you may benefit from sharing your time with a person who is equally as driven.

Sharing life’s experiences with any future partner will be so much more enjoyable and memorable if you have personality traits, values and opinions in common too. Matters of the heart can sometimes be complicated, so it’s simple logic. Our expert matchmakers have so much experience, that we’re well placed to say that, generally speaking, birds of a feather romantically flock together.

Equals Attract

Ultimately, keep some perspective when you’re dating someone. The Bowes-Lyon Partnership has a very effective membership service. You may not be fully aligned with the first person we pair you with, but through getting to know you, we’ll understand more about what makes you tick. That’s the difference between having a tailored, bespoke dating site membership and just joining any old online dating site. With the latter, it’s left to you to do the hard work. It’s almost impossible to garner much in the way of useful information from an online profile. Sure, you can see a picture and find out some basic details about a potential date, but how much do you really know about them? With the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, you’re getting a personal service from an experienced dating consultant. That’s why our success rates are so high. Don’t trawl through hundreds of profiles; join us and remove an element of guesswork.

Having said that, don’t worry if you find yourself liking a person who does harbor differ views and has different tastes. The key to making a connection with ‘an opposite’ work will probably rely on both of you understanding and embracing those differences.

There are no hard and fast rules to dating. All that really matters is that you’re getting close and connecting to someone you want to do that with. And in any case, you may be more similar to that special someone than you may realise.

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