Online Dating Has Shortened the Dating Cycle – Turn to Bowes-Lyon Partnerships to Find Lasting Love

Online Dating Has Shortened the Dating Cycle – Turn to Bowes-Lyon Partnerships to Find Lasting Love

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Technology has shortened the dating process to the point where relationships can be over almost as soon as they’ve got off the ground – research has found that couples who meet online are 28% more likely to split from their new partners within the first year of their relationship; even the CEO of a leading online dating site has admitted that dating cycles are shorter now than they’ve ever been. But where does this leave those singles searching for long-term connections and lasting relationships?

Enter Bowes-Lyon Partnership – an exclusive introduction agency which is the antithesis of many of the instant match, online dating services currently available to those looking for love. The agency, which caters to elite clients based in the bustling capital, provides the perfect alternative for those who are tired of online dating profiles and rapid dating cycles. The specialist matchmaking team focus on finding ideal matches and building lasting relationships based on shared values and real-life connections, and many clients are now shunning the fast-fix of online dating for a more traditional route to true love.

Hayley Bystram, Director of Bowes-Lyon Partnership, says, “Technology has opened many wonderful doors in the world of dating, but it’s also shortened dating cycles significantly. Many of our clients come to us because they’ve grown tired of fast-tracked relationships formed from online dating sites – they want to find a more solid, long-term relationship that won’t be over in the click of a mouse. Our introduction service for elite individuals matches clients on their values, morals and personality, and we use a combination of sophisticated algorithms and matchmaking nous to match individuals we feel will develop strong, long-term relationships.”

Many experts have speculated about the reason why technology has caused dating cycles to become shorter -some believe it’s the instant nature of online dating that has caused the change. Many people know that another match is just a few clicks away, and so they’re reluctant to lay the groundwork for a real relationship because they’re convinced someone even better could be just around the corner. This also causes many people to have unrealistic expectations of dates – many dating profiles are highly exaggerated versions of real people, and this can cause users to have sky-high expectations before they even begin. When their expectations aren’t met, they don’t waste time trying to build a connection – they simply move onto the next instant match.

The expert matchmakers at elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership always get to know each of their clients on a personal level – a face-to-face consultation is carried out on joining the service, and the team make every effort to understand every clients’ individual needs and desires when it comes to finding a match. This personal approach has proven highly effective, and many clients matched in this way go on to have successful, long-term relationships with their match.

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