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Valentine’s Day can often have the effect of making those who are not in relationships feel lonely. Gathering groups of friends and heading out for an evening of anti-romance, staying late at work, or spending the night studiously ignoring the soppy films on television can only go so far before a resolution is made not to spend this day alone again. This year on 14th February, hundreds of single men and women will consider this Valentine’s Day their last straw, and will vow to find someone special with whom they can spend the next Valentine’s Day with. With the help of discreet introduction agencies such as Bowes-Lyon Partnership, these individuals can seek assistance in finding someone of their calibre with whom to spend the most romantic of evenings next year.

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With a year to meet and get to know a perfect match, men and women who take advantage of the services offered by elite dating service Bowes-Lyon Partnership can rest assured that they will be spending their next Valentine’s Day being treated by a loved one. The team take the time to get to know each of their clients to ensure that they have exactly the right idea about the sort of person they are, and the sort of partner they desire. The strategic Bowes-Lyon Index tool is also used to help narrow down the search for the ideal match, and combined with the matchmaking prowess of the experienced staff members, lonely Valentine’s Days will become a distant memory.

Committing to no more single Valentine’s Days from now on also gives all new clients a year to get ‘relationship ready’. Bowes-Lyon Partnership offers a range of extra services which will give their clients the chance to be the best version of themselves in order to make the best impressions and embark on the healthiest relationships. Health and fitness experts allow clients to feel physically fit and well, relationship gurus help to dispose of emotional baggage and lifestyle management services help to enhance the dating experience as a whole. Clients will be introduced to their matches in the knowledge that they too have undertaken this quest to become ‘relationship ready’ and will be prepared to embark on something serious and committed. This means that there is a strong chance that should a client hit it off with one of their specially-chosen dates, they will most likely be spending not just next year’s Valentine’s Day together, but many Valentine’s Days in years to come.


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