What Should I Do This New Year’s Eve?

What Should I Do This New Year’s Eve?

As we grow up, New Year’s seems to lose a bit of it’s charm. Christmas is over, and most of us can’t be bothered to plan anything with our friends and family. Whether you’re single or in a relationship this year, here’s a few ideas to make the most of the holiday!

New Year

  1. Get out of town! Rent a ski chalet, take a city break, or spend your New Year’s Eve on the beach! There’s plenty of time left to plan an escape!
  2. Spend your evening with family and friends at home. Invite only the people you’re closest to and share your ups and downs, exchange resolutions with one another and try to help each other persevere in the year ahead.
  3. Go to a concert, the theatre, or cinema – there’s plenty to see in and around London!
  4. Turn everything off, shun the parties and avoid the hassle of a trip by staying home for a quiet, dinner with a loved one or friend. Make a recipe you’ve been wanting to try (and enjoy the leftovers the next day!). Nothing comes close to sitting in front of a fire sipping on some wine with your special someone.
  5. Invite some friends along and go club-hopping just like you did in your 20’s. Champagne anyone?
  6. Find out whether there are any masquerades or fancy dress parties being held in your area. Get dressed up and escape to another world for a night!
  7. Do something adventurous that’s always been on your Bucket List. You live once, so you may as well live life to the fullest at the start of the year!
  8. One word: fireworks!

Happy New Year!

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