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New Year Dating Inspiration

New Year

Exclusive introduction agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership is offering inspiration for New Year’s resolutions this week, as many people start to prepare for 2014 and turn over a new leaf in their personal lives. The elite agency, which specialises in matching high-powered professionals with compatible suitors, has come up with a number of suggestions for those struggling for concrete resolutions which will put the spark back into their dating life, and hopefully help them to find someone they are truly compatible with in the next twelve months.

Hayley Bystram, a Director at the professional dating agency, says, “Many people tend to set very vague New Year’s resolutions for themselves, and this often ends up with them failing because they didn’t set themselves a particular route or pathway to achieve their goal. At Bowes-Lyon Partnership we have come up with a number of specific and achievable New Year’s resolutions for the men and women who will switch their focus to love in 2014; from broadening social circles to joining a dating agency, there are a myriad of steps that can be taken to give yourself the very best chance of finding your soulmate.”

One of the first resolutions that London’s elite dating agency has come up with is to be more proactive. Gentlemen – women do not appreciate the ‘three-day rule’ (in which there is no contact for the 72 hours immediately after a date for fear of coming across as too eager) any longer. Similarly, ladies – men don’t always want to be placed under the pressure of making the first contact. These rules are becoming more and more outdated, and a great resolution to live by in 2014 is to simply get proactive, say how you feel, ask someone out on a date or confirm how you feel about someone special.

Another perfectly do-able resolution for men and women across the country is to seek outside help. The stigma attached to dating events, websites and agencies has all but dissipated in the UK, and thousands of relationships are started every year thanks to these outside interventions. Whether you sign up to an elite dating agency like Bowes-Lyon Partnership or head to a local speed-dating event to meet available people in your area, this resolution will help to get you out there, meet different and interesting people and potentially find someone to spend time with in the future.

The third tip is to leave all baggage in the past. Though it is quite often easier said than done in the cases of emotional issues, the start of a new year represents a fantastic opportunity to start afresh, turn over a new leaf and step into the future without dragging up problems from the past. This is an important step in the search for true love, as removing painful emotional barriers can make the biggest difference between remaining alone for another year and finding someone with whom you have a real connection.

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