More than a Mum

At Bowes-Lyon we love Mother’s Day. Whether you are one or simply have one, it’s a great day to give thanks and show our gratitude. And of course, as any mother knows, a mum is not just a mum, she is a woman in her own right. Yes, shock horror, not just put on this planet to help us, but a woman with her own needs, desires and dreams. Is this Mother’s Day a day when you can give your mum more than a box of chocolates? Could you help her, if she is single, find someone to share her life with again?

In the agency we often get mum’s calling us. Not for themselves but for their divorced son or their widowed daughter. They love their children so much and want to give them the gift of membership so they can find a like-minded partner without having to trawl the Internet or rely on blind dates from friends. This got us thinking about the many mothers who are divorced, single, separated or windowed themselves. Who is thinking for them?

So, this Mother’s Day remember your mum is a woman too. If she needs a little nudge or to be shown there is another way to meet people, help her. Let her know she doesn’t have to do everything for everyone else all the time she too prioritises herself and even find a partner to share her life with.

2 hands creating a heart shape with sandIf you want to help your mum this Mother’s Day, why not tell her to call us, or call in and we’ll send her a brochure. She doesn’t need to go online – instead she can meet people via a matchmaker, someone who has met and chosen every match specifically. Every member is vetted and checked to ensure they are who they say they are, the they also sign a confidentiality agreement. Your mum would be in safe hands.

Call us now for a friendly chat with one of our matchmakers 0203 866 4440!

After all, she’s the only mum you’ve got.

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