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The working world today is an increasingly high-powered place, and with the gadgets that offer us complete connection to the outside world at all times, it has become increasingly difficult for professionals to switch off when they leave the office. Working in high-profile jobs can be both a blessing and a curse; career-driven people will stop at nothing to get to the top, and when they reach the top they will stop at nothing to stay there. But this can also mean that their jobs take over their lives, making it harder for them to enjoy downtime when they need to, and increasing stress levels when they should be relaxing.

For professionals working in the most elite jobs, it can be important when dating to find someone with an equally high-calibre career; being with someone who understands the stress and strain of life in a position of such responsibility can be vital in a relationship’s success. Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an elite dating agency which specialises in creating matches between people who share the same values and desire the same things in life. Those working in the most high-powered careers often search for someone in a position of equal responsibility, because they better understand the issues that come with such an important role. Much more onus is placed on enjoying downtime, and relationships are highly committed and valued.

A couple in front of the Eiffel TowerBowes-Lyon Partnership is an elite introduction service catering entirely for accomplished, successful and motivated individuals who understand perfectly the pressures of working in such elite professions. Difficult working schedules, diverse requirements and a whole variety of different needs can be catered for when searching for a match to ensure that there is the greatest chance of a long-lasting and committed relationship. The comprehensive membership and the bespoke service ensures that staff members get to know each and every one of their clients, establishing what they really want in a potential match, before using the extensive Bowes-Lyon Partnership portfolio to match them with someone who fits all of the criteria.

The discreet introduction service not only helps to fight stress once a match has been found, it also removes the stress from the dating process. Clients can rest assured that anyone they agree to a date with will have similar values to them and will be looking for a long-term and committed relationship; flings and short-term romances can be a waste of time for those looking for a soul mate.

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