Medieval Dating Rules Translated For the 21st Century

‘The Art of Courtly Love’ was a book released as early as the 12th century, which detailed the guidelines and restrictions the upper-classes must follow when trying to find true love. It was during this period that the idea of romance came to the fore in dating for the first time. Potential suitors serenaded their intended lover with songs and poetry, and the importance of love in a relationship emerged in the considerations of arranged marriages. But love alone was still not considered enough to merit a wedding; indeed the book included the idea that ‘true love can have no place between husband and wife’. The guidelines in the book also stated that real love should only take place in ‘discreet, covert meetings’; a rule which can still be applied in the dating world of modern times.

Medieval Dating
Bowes-Lyon Partnership is a foremost introduction agency which specialises in the kind of discreet meetings recommended by those who are said to have invented the art of romance. Though there may be far less serenades and poetry in this day and age, the dating rituals of today are rooted in medieval chivalry, and this exclusive London-based agency seeks to translate these rituals into modern day equivalents. It brings accomplished professionals together through a tailor-made process which aims to tease out the romance in each individual, all whilst maintaining a strict code of discretion.

Unlike many of the dating rituals around today, which involve flashy, impersonal online profiles for a monthly fee, Bowes-Lyon Partnership offers a personalised introduction service which is grounded in the experienced matchmakers taking time to get to know each of their clients before they introduce them to the person they believe to be the perfect match. An introduction is only made if both clients agree, and in-keeping with a commitment to discretion, information is only exchanged in the case of a confident and assured match. A combination of matchmaking intuition and the exclusive Bowes-Lyon Index helps to establish who will be best suited without the aid of impersonal online ads and profiles free for all to see.

The service goes above and beyond anything those in the medieval age could have considered, by offering a team of consultants who can help each client become ‘relationship ready’. Health and fitness experts, stylists and life coaches are on hand to make sure that every individual is ready to make a commitment to a relationship with a high-flying equal, who understands the pressure of working life and wants to experience some of the old-fashioned values introduced by the medieval dating experts, with a modern twist.


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