Matchmaking Tips: we’re similar, yet different

The great thing about life is that everyone’s different. From our DNA to our dress sense, the world would be a boring pace if we were all the same. But although we’re unique, we share certain similarities nonetheless, and that’s exactly why you may need an accomplished dating expert to rely on. Through experience, a professional matchmaker will come to know which personality traits are most likely to be compatible.

professional matchmaking different personalities

Take your sense of humour for instance. Some people are the life and soul of the party. Others are more shy and retiring. Put the wrong pair together and you’re probably not going to see a good time.

With online dating sites, you only have a profile to go on, so there’s so much guesswork involved. Online dating profiles can be straightforward and dull or annoyingly in-your-face, but that’s not necessarily an accurate reflection of the person in question. We’ve probably all stood in the corner at a party and been a bit ‘dad at the disco’ at different times in our lives – the point is, the information in a dating profile isn’t always reliable.

However, at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we have a team of fantastic dating experts who like nothing better than getting to know what makes our members tick. It’s this personal attention and bespoke membership that gets results – by understanding the individual on an informal basis, we can eliminate a lot of that guesswork.

Our professional matchmakers instinctively know how to pair people up and our sophisticated approach to dating goes way beyond just lookingatwhether someone’s a smoker, has an allergy to cats or loves fine wines. If you’re too busy to go online and hunt for that needle in a haystack, we can help. The Bowes-Lyon take on dating is that we aim to take the effort and hard work out of dating, to leave you to concentrate on meeting the right people and having a good time.

Matchmaker Happy Couple

The Bowes-Lyon dating experts understand the demands of modern life and, as such, we offer a modern approach to dating. If you’re an accomplished professional looking to meet that special someone, you’ve come to the right place. At the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we have a discreet dating service where you will find that likeminded person. So don’t head online or you’ll avoid exactly the type of person you’re after.

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