Make Your Love Life a Priority in 2020

Many people see the New Year as a great opportunity to make a fresh start in all areas of their life. Whether it’s embarking on a fitness regime, taking up a new hobby or, our favourite resolution, being more adventurous in romantic endeavours!

It already feels like the year is moving at a fast pace, with the end of January upon us, and the first signs of Spring are all around. If you are looking to make your love life a priority this year, considering the following points will help stand you in good stead for the year ahead.

2020 – vision, focus and clarity

The numerical year itself stresses the importance of having vision and focus on what you wish to achieve this year and having clarity about what you are going to do to achieve them. Take the time to establish where  you want to be at the end of this year and set your focus with 20:20 vision.

If you are looking to get fitter then are you hiring a personal trainer? Are you setting a goal of exercising twice a week?  If you hope to be in a committed relationship this year, have you signed up to a dating site? Have you joined an activity or members club that will broaden your chances of meeting someone you wouldn’t cross paths with, in your everyday life? Or have you joined a matchmaking agency to ensure someone is working alongside you, to make this goal a priority?

Have clarity on your end-vision and be focused on the action you will take to get there.

Waiting for the perfect time

Some of our retired members admit that they are busier now than they were when working in a full-time career. We will always fill our lives with commitments, responsibilities and things to check-off the to-do list. That is a good thing – much better to be active and living life than waiting for it to happen to you. But if you are waiting for a perfect time then you could be waiting forever! Everyone leads a busy life, whatever stage of life they are in, and you will never be able to stop everything, or put life on hold in order to start something new. As the popular Chinese proverb says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”. Start taking action towards the life that you wish to lead and don’t regret not not taking progress towards your goal by waiting for the perfect time.

It’s not meant to be easy

I’ll be straight – dating isn’t easy. It can be daunting overwhelming, time-consuming and sometimes disheartening. Like the best rewards – the journey to get there sometimes isn’t the easiest. That said the potential outcomes of meeting a new partner, bringing fresh hope for the future, and taking action with your desires and needs, far outweigh the dating challenges. Play to your strengths and make the process as comfortable and achievable as you can for yourself. If starting or opening a conversation with a stranger isn’t your forté then employ the services of a matchmaker to do that for you. If you’re a great writer and can build a repertoire via written communication, then hop online and email or text your way to a first date. Recognise that things don’t happen without some effort from your side but maintain the focus on the rewards for making that effort.

Looking forwards or thinking backwards

Try to maintain focus on looking forward rather than letting any past experiences prevent you from progressing. If you have past relationship ‘baggage’ or feel there are things you could have done better, and doubt your ability to do so moving forwards, then re-frame this as helpful feedback and a guide for things to come. What learnings and lessons can you take from past experiences, to translate this into useful and productive action for looking forwards?

Considering the points above will help you to take charge of your love life in 2020. Who knows—by this time next year, you and your significant other may be working on resolutions for 2021 together!

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