Kim and Kanye: A PDA Too Far?

Kim and Kanye: A PDA Too Far?


Kanye West shocked the world this week when he released a new video starring his wife-to-be Kim Kardashian in a number of compromising poses, and wearing very little clothing. The power couple, who have recently welcomed their first child into the world, star in the ‘Bound 2’ video together in an over-the-top display of togetherness that has made couples all over the world question their own privacy and subtleness. The video sees Kim and Kanye riding a motorbike across a green-screen filled with images of dramatic scenery. Kim appears to be topless while Kanye sings to her, and the video is filled with shots of seemingly intimate moments between the couple that have been deemed cringeworthy and embarrassing by large sections of the press and watching public. Many people feel uncomfortable when exposed to public displays of affection, and believe that relationships should be conducted behind closed doors.


Whether this is an outdated view or not, it doesn’t seem to make it social acceptable for couples to go out of their way to profess their undying love for their other half at every opportunity. In the UK, subtlety is prized much more than over-the-top shows of adoration; couples tend to keep their relationships to themselves rather than attempting to let the world know just how in love they are. But is there anything wrong with two people professing their love and commitment in the public sphere? Perhaps confessing love to one another in a public display now and then can help to keep the spark alive. It doesn’t have to be an unclothed motorbike filming session like the A-list duo, but a small subtle gesture to show the world you belong to someone might help to prove to a soulmate just how serious you are about the relationship. Holding hands with someone in public or paying them a compliment in a group of friends or acquaintances can help to create a positivity around the relationship without taking it too far, and will leave both parties feeling pleased that the relationship is heading in the right direction.

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