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With two months of the year already done and the third one whizzing by, people tend to start to cast their minds back to the New Year’s Resolutions they made at the turn of the year. Typically many diets and healthy eating plans will have gone out of the window whilst gym membership cards lay forgotten and nicotine patches discarded. Many who made a resolution to get back into the world of dating might feel frustrated at how difficult they found it to stick to the vow they made for the year. Bowes-Lyon Partnership, however, is an elite dating agency which can help to set the wheels in motion to enjoy the remainder of 2013 in a romantically successful manner.

The team at Bowes-Lyon Partnership understand that getting back into dating is a difficult process and can require some assistance from those in the know. Their ‘relationship ready’ team can help rebuild confidence and transform someone hesitant about dating into someone ready to meet their soulmate. Offering years of experience as dating professionals, anyone struggling to fulfil the demands of their New Year’s resolution will find Bowes-Lyon Partnership an easy way in which to get back on track.

A pitfall for many successful men and women is the amount of time they have to meet someone new. Many find they simply do not have the time to cultivate a relationship with someone they may find they are not even compatible with. Bowes-Lyon Partnership as an elite dating agency, understand perfectly the time-consuming demands of having a high-powered career. Dates can be arranged around hectic lifestyles and as both parties are fully aware of everything that comes with being a high-flying and successful individual; careers are not a relationship stumbling block with the vast majority of Bowes-Lyon Partnership’s clients.

Enrolling with a professional dating agency also takes much of the stress out of dating by ensuring personal compatibility. Through the innovative Bowes-Lyon Index combined with the expertise of the staff, introductions are made only when individual criteria demonstrates the best possible match. This makes the dating process both enjoyable and relaxing, and gives a higher incentive for people to kick-start their New Year’s resolutions, even if March is already well underway.


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