Is It Really Easier To Fall In Love In The Spring?

Despite the grey weather outside in the Bowes-Lyon Partnership office this afternoon, we must admit, Spring has sprung and love is in the air…

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The months leading up to Summer are definite mood changers! The evenings are getting lighter and the dull Winter months are well and truly behind us and just as flowers start to bloom, there is scientific proof that your heart doesn’t just get happy about the little things-it’s also more ready for love-for a variety of reasons.

According to sociologist Dr Julie Albright, ‘As the weather gets warmer and there is more sunlight throughout the day, the melatonin in our body decreases, which studies show leads to an increase in energy and vitality bringing about mood changes that make it easier to find a relationship.’

We all notice the difference a sunny day makes, (even to the most stressed commuters!) and so it makes sense that relationships are scientifically proven to be at a record high as we approach the Summer time. Culture also plays a role in the love that blooms in Spring. Dr. Albright says in the Winter we tend to hold on to relationships, not wanting to end them before the holidays. Then, as the new year comes and we look for new opportunities, it’s easier to let go of something (or someone) not making us happy and search for something else . ‘There’s a tendency among couples who are in shaky relationships to stay together during the December holidays so they won’t be alone during what’s considered a special time of year. The start of a new year motivates a lot of people in this situation to break up. By the time spring arrives, they’re ready to start dating again, so the pool of potential mates widens.”

This definitely isn’t news to us in the office as we’ve had a huge influx of members from both sides over the past month! We think it’s highly likely to be a Summer of love!

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