Inquisitive Relatives? Curious Friends? Offer Positive Responses to Love Life Questions this Christmas with Bowes-Lyon Partnership

Inquisitive Relatives? Curious Friends? Offer Positive Responses to Love Life Questions this Christmas with Bowes-Lyon Partnership

love lifeAn exclusive introduction agency is helping women to avoid those dreaded ‘love life’ questions at parties this Christmas by putting on the path to finding true love. Bowes-Lyon Partnership introduces elite individuals to one another using a mixture of intuition and a unique matching algorithm called the Bowes-Lyon Index, and this year is hoping to stem the flow of questions to women that can often put a dampener on their Christmas parties.

Many single women face invasive questions about their relationship status at gatherings of friends and family, and though they mean well, these questions can often come across as patronising and belittling. This year, women can proudly say they are doing something about it, with a Bowes-Lyon Partnership membership.

Hayley Bystram, Director of the elite introduction agency, says, “It is common for single women to be asked about their love lives at festive gatherings, and this year we are hoping that many women can offer positive responses rather than be faced with the supposedly encouraging mantra that ‘they’ll find the right man one day’. We proactively help in the search for a soulmate, and with Christmas being one of the busiest dating seasons, we are sure our members will have optimistic responses to their inquisitive loved ones!”

The introduction service gets to know every client on a personal level, rather than simply treating them as a bunch of features – hair colour, eye colour, smoker or non-smoker, religious beliefs and many of the other boxes that traditional dating sites attempt to separate people into are unnecessary with Bowes-Lyon Partnership. In understanding the personalities, the morals, the qualities and the essential traits of all clients, they can better match compatible individuals and offer a higher chance of success.

This improved chance of meeting someone compatible offers great news to share with relatives and loved ones at these gatherings and parties. Many women feel abashed at their lack of a relationship, but single women can now be proud of their positive approach and can share the details of their most recent dates, or even their new relationship, with everyone who asks.

Many people who meet other members of Bowes-Lyon Partnership hit it off straight away, even enjoying such a spark that they feel comfortable enough to invite one another to these intimate gatherings, thus nulling any questions that curious individuals might have about someone’s love life. Bowes-Lyon Partnership’s great rate of success in matching elite professionals speaks for itself, and those who join can confidently say they have a great chance of introducing friends and family to a new partner this Christmas.

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