Hiberdating – is staying in the new going out?

Prince Harry and Meghan

The announcement last week, of Megan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry, soon led to the expected media frenzy and media analysis. In fact, a whole new dating terms has been invented purely to describe how the royal romance blossomed – Hiberdating. Hiberdating, like hibernating, is a cosy way to date someone privately and isn’t just for those wanting to keep away from paparazzi.

Hiberdating meant that Harry and Meghan could get to know each other intimately, despite the long-distance relationship and external pressures. Swapping fancy nights out and fine dining for home cooked meals and staying in, hiberdating is what Prince Harry referred to dating in reverse. Checking for compatibility when there is no glitz or glamour can ensure the relationship will last the distance and isn’t a product of that honeymoon period, which we all know cannot endure.

Cosy couple in front of fireplace

Even though few of us have to worry about the media or public opinion, we can all be susceptible to what our friends and family think. Taking time to get secure in the relationship before you introduce your partner to friends and family, allows you the space to work out what you think, before everyone else has their say. Plus, when you are sure where the relationship is at, people will be less keen to offer their (usually unwanted) opinion.

There are many other positives coming out of this lovely news. The fact that long distance relationships, are possible where both people make the relationship a priority. This takes time and commitment, and the knowledge that eventually one person will have to move, to take the relationship to the next level.

Now, they are on secure ground, and have gone public Harry and Meghan can dress up, go out and dine out, with the relationship secure. Let’s face it those restaurants and cocktail bars are not going anywhere, so it’s just something else for them to look forward to. be in love!


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