Heartwarming Dating Advice from a Recent Divorcee

Heartwarming Dating Advice from a Recent Divorcee

Earlier this year, recently divorced Gerald Rogers, who works as a motivational speaker, took his personal experiences in love and attempted to communicate a series of tips to those who were struggling in their marriages. The heart-warming tips were shared on Facebook and soon went viral, as thousands shared the lessons that men and women in long-term relationships need to learn if they are to have a happy and successful marriage.

Hayley Bystram, Director of Bowes-Lyon Partnership, an elite dating agency for professionals, says, “The tips from this newly divorced man, who has clearly been affected by the seismic change in his life recently, can be taken to heart by anyone who is in a committed relationship and wants to make it work. His lessons can be learned universally in relationships, and are something for many couples to consider the next time they argue or take their other half for granted.”


The first lesson on Rogers’ list is: ‘Never stop courting. Never stop dating’. This is a vow that many couples nowadays live by, crediting this motto with keeping the romance alive in their relationship. When living and cohabiting with someone for such a long time, sharing all of life’s mundane moments such as doing the washing-up and making the bed every morning can contribute to a decrease in the level of romance. Elite couples who meet through professional dating agencies like Bowes-Lyon Partnership often struggle to find time to connect with their other half, contributing to a distant feeling that lacks in that essential romance. Many couples enjoy a weekly, fortnightly or monthly ‘date night’ that helps to keep the spark flickering in any relationship and gives both parties an event to share and look forward to with their significant other.

Rogers also recommends that people ‘be fully transparent’. This is surely a motto that many people in relationships must live by if they hope to cultivate a sense of trust between the two of them. Rogers believes that it takes courage to share things that you may not initially want to share, but having complete openness and honesty in a relationship is a way to fortify and strengthen it. Revealing your true self to a person is an important thing when trying to share a life with them.

Lastly, Rogers believes that anyone in a relationship should ‘always choose love’. The conclusion to his charming list of bullet points reinforces the fact that love will always endure, and it should be the guiding principle through which all choices are governed. This optimistic and romantic advice is something that anyone can take to heart as they search for a soulmate or struggle through harder times in their existing relationship.

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