Has Social Media Made Us Lazy Daters?

It’s the modern day dilemma, our over reliance of digital technology is making users lazy with face to face communication. Social media has seemingly overtaken the lives of people aged between about 10 and 80! But we can’t live without it! In little over a decade, social networking has become one of the world’s most widely used communication tools and has embedded itself into nearly every facet of modern life. We use it to network with colleagues old and new, share information, stay in touch with friends and family and to market ourselves. Almost every business has a presence online and almost every person does as well and so it’s no surprise that we have let this modern day technology infiltrate the most personal of our personal lives, finding a partner! Online relationship expert Laura Ginney says, ‘It is too easy to hide behind emoticons or have a conversation limited to 140 characters. Social media has done wonders for dating but it has also made people lazy to look beyond cyberspace. People can control almost everything from their iPhone or Blackberry but they overcompensate and use it for everything-it’s a scary thought.’

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Here at Bowes-Lyon Partnership, one of London’s leading introduction companies; we ensure we have a great social media presence to keep us at the leading edge of the premium dating industry. However, we do have to agree with Laura that there is an element of laziness when it comes to busy, single people finding a partner and a tendency to over rely on social media, with little reward in return. At Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we work with busy London professionals who simply don’t have the time to trawl through online dating sites or don’t want to put personal information in the public domain for all to see. We do the leg work for our members and have a significant membership base of like-minded, articulate single professionals all serious about finding a long term partner. We can also network on behalf of our members to ensure we find them just the right partner. The team at Bowes-Lyon Partnership are keen advocates that chivalry is not dead and know that our members prefer a door to be held open for them rather than a poke on a dating site!

Most dating websites are all about selling yourself to other ‘virtual’ single (or maybe not so single!) individuals. At Bowes Lyon Partnership we personally meet with each and every member and offer a complimentary consultation so that we can truly understand your requirements. We will only take on members who we truly believe we can help and who fit within our calibre of members. Our comprehensive membership network will allow us to find you your perfect match even if you have a diverse range of requirements. You will also benefit from the Bowes-Lyon Index™, a strategic tool we’ve developed from years of matchmaking experience. It’s a fast and efficient way to help us find exactly the right partner for you.

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