Get a relationship off to a great start

Bowes-Lyon Partnership Get a relationship off to a great start

News & Press | October 2010   Finding a potential partner isn’t without its challenges, so once you have found someone who you have a mutual fondness for, it’s really important to get a relationship off to a strong start and keep the momentum going. It can often be the case that when a couple get together, they have spent significant time without a partner so it’s easy to see how challenges could arise from individuals being a little ‘stuck in their ways’. Bowes-Lyon Partnership believes there are a few key points to keep in mind when embarking on a new relationship that should help to get things off to a great start.

Be open-minded to new hobbies/pastimes

If your new partner shares different interests to you, see this as a bonus, rather than a clash. A relationship should be about getting to know someone, having fun and experiencing new things. If your partner shares some different interests to you, embrace this and get involved. You could even find a new hobby for yourself, but failing that, it’s always appreciated if someone takes an interest in your interests so be open minded to getting involved in your partner’s hobbies and pastimes.


Keep your independence

The independence you had when you met your new partner would have been part and parcel of what attracted them to you in the first place. Try not to slip into the trap of losing your independence when embarking on a new relationship. You will want to spend time getting to know each other, but ensure this doesn’t take over your life and mean you begin to miss out on your usual lunch with friends or playing tennis each week with your neighbour. Losing your independence could easily mean the beginning of the end of a new relationship as it will put unnecessary pressure on both parties. So make time in your life for your new relationship but try not to replace what was important to you before you met.

Communicate, but don’t over-communicate

A really important element of any relationship is communicating your needs and desires. If you’re in a new relationship, your partner probably won’t know you particularly well or certainly in the capacity as a partner rather than a friend. So how are they going to know unless you tell them? Be comfortable speaking about your needs and desires, your hopes and fears. But remember, everything in moderation. Its key not to avoid communicating with your new partner for fear of scaring them off, but equally, remember not to over-communicate, let it happen naturally and you won’t go far wrong.

Have realistic expectations

Remember you’re in a new relationship so it’s important to take things at a steady pace, after all you are still getting to know each other. Give each other space and time to get used to the new relationship and try not to pitch your expectations too high too soon. Your relationship will evolve over time, a process that will be far more natural if allowed to develop at its own pace rather than rushing in to anything too soon. Leave moving in together until you are both completely comfortable, try not to rush through the exciting early days and rush into settling in to a routine. A new relationship should be fun and relaxed, there’s plenty of time for to take it to the next level. Hayley & Natalie Bystram are the founders and directors of Bowes-Lyon Partnership Ltd., a London-based, exclusive, international introductions company specialising in bringing together successful, like-minded individuals. For more information, please see their website or call 020 7152 6011.

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