Q. What are the advantages of using the Bowes-Lyon Partnership?

For starters, you’ll get one-on-one personal attention from one of our team. You’ll be meeting similar, high-calibre professionals, plus we’ll do all the leg-work. You won’t have to trawl the internet or screen calls from pushy friends.

We’ve got the portfolio of clients. We’ve got the expertise. Once you’ve joined, it’s just about joining the dots.

Q. How do you find your clients?

Through a variety of ways. Existing members might recommend them, or they might find us via our website or an advert.

Q. How do you match clients?

We don’t pretend that we use some sort of advanced software. We don’t wave a magic wand either. We just use a combination of skill, experience and intuition.

First of all, we’ll work through your details. We might start with broad information, such as your age and location. Then it might get a little more specific. We’ll move on to your job, hobbies, religion, passions, physical requirements and future goals.

Q. Can you customise a search?

Certainly. We recognise that dating is all about real people. So if you only want to meet someone from a certain area, that’s fine. If you’re interested in the arts, we can narrow your matches down to like-minded people. And so on.

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership we want you to be happy. Your requirements are always our only concern.

Q. How soon can I meet a match?

Pretty quickly. Once you’ve joined and we’ve found you a match, the next step is for the gentleman to make that initial call.

We think this is the best and most civilised way to get to get to know each other. We recommend that your first meeting is for a coffee or a lunch, something light, easy and pressure-free.

Q. What happens if I meet someone through you or anyone else?

No problem. You can just freeze your membership to fit around what’s going on in your life. That allows you to focus on what’s important, without worrying about time and money.

Q. I might be a difficult match. Can you really help me?

We don’t think there’s any such thing as a difficult match. That’s the benefit of experience – we’ve helped all sorts of people find matches that are right for them.

Q. How can I get started?

Why don’t you get in touch so that we can have an initial chat? There’s no obligation. We’d just like the chance to grab a coffee, say hello and find out a bit more about you.

We’ll work around your needs, we have offices in London and Surrey, or we’re happy to come to you. To book an appointment, please click here.


Get In Touch...

For a free, informal consultation with no obligation, please get in touch. Call us on 0203 866 4440 or fill out our quick and easy form.

If you prefer, you can also drop us an email at:

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