Find Love Outside Your Social Circle

Find Love Outside Your Social Circle

When it comes to meeting someone new, you can always rely on friends to introduce you to someone compatible. Or at least, this is what many people presume when they look to meet someone to form a relationship with. In reality, there are many pitfalls to striking up a relationship with someone in an outer circle of friends.

Hayley Bystram, director of elite introduction agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership, says, “Though being introduced to a friend of a friend might seem like a simple solution to a dating conundrum, forming a relationship with someone who is already acquainted with all of your friends can have its problems. This is why more and more people are choosing to move completely away from their friendship circles when it comes to dating, opting for professional dating agencies and other methods to meet completely new people.”

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Dating inside a social circle can have a multitude of problems. Mutual friends are bound to become embroiled in any arguments that arise, and there is the awkward question of whose ‘side’ they might take should the relationship come to an unfortunate end. You probably already know a few things about this person, and likewise, they might have heard about you from conversations with friends. This means that both parties embarking on a relationship already have a pre-imagined idea of what the other person is like. Some might view this as an advantage, whilst others might rue the idea that they have been unable to start afresh with someone.

Meeting individuals through an elite dating service offers both parties a clean slate. Neither party knows about dating histories or previous heartbreak. They are not well informed of the messy divorce two years ago, and they do not have any attachments or loyalties to mutual friends or colleagues. Both parties are free to talk about whatever they want in their time together, increasing the probability of both people becoming one another’s confidante.

Meeting someone completely new also offers people a chance to make a fresh start, should they feel they need to. After a traumatic event or a tough period in life, many people feel they need to get out and make new acquaintances; these some people often find that they meet their soulmate in doing so. Spending time with completely new people broadens the horizons and is an endless learning curve. There is less chance of getting stuck in a rut with an established group of friends, and many people who branch out and embark on relationships with new people find that their circle of friends doubles as people on both sides of the relationship become eager to meet the new addition to the group.

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