Exclusive Introduction Agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership’s Relationship Ready Service Tailored to New Year New Love

Relationship Ready Service Tailored to New Year New Love

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New Year can be a daunting time, with its resolution-making ritual which is almost always accompanied by a looming sense of imminent failure. Indeed, aUniversityofHertfordshirestudy reveals that 78% of New Year’s resolutions are never achieved. However, it is not all doom and gloom. The research suggests that by breaking goals down into achievable steps and planning in advance of the New Year, the New Year reboot is easier to accomplish . It can be difficult to identify the smaller steps inherent in achieving a larger goal, but for those resolved to find love in 2014, exclusive introduction agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership offers a Relationship Ready service as a companion on the journey to finding a soulmate.

Starting a new and better relationship was one of the more frequent resolutions made by participants in the study. Richard Wiseman, the psychologist who led the research project, claims that “many of the most successful techniques involve making a plan” and that decisions made in advance tend to be more genuinely motivated and are less likely to backfire. So what would a plan for a relationship look like?

The exclusive introduction agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership’s Relationship Ready service encourages reflection on five key aspects that will help members turn over a new relationship leaf in 2014. Some of theUK’s leading lifestyle coaches and relationship gurus assist clients to understand their needs, feel confident in their choices, and ease them through the butterfly-in-the-stomach moments inevitable when starting a new relationship.

The first stage of the Relationship Ready plan is to pin-point the qualities, traits and attributes that clients are looking for in a companion. This is no easy feat, so Bowes-Lyon Partnership enlists renowned relationship coach, author and qualified therapist, Francine Kaye’s help. All members receive a complimentary consultation with Ms Kaye, helping them to identify what they are looking for and how to achieve a happy, healthy relationship.

The second step of the plan is a session with personal image consultant, Marika Page. Ms Page ensures that when the bells chime on 31st December, members are looking forward to their coming romance feeling completely comfortable and confident that their image, style and wardrobe reflects who they are. During the image consultation, Ms Page offers practical and sustainable image advice, and explores how best to refine members’ style and wardrobe in order to project their values and ambitions.

With the festive season hurtling around the corner, laden with turkey dinners, mince pies and lashings of brandy, it is no wonder that many people start their New Year with a resolution to lose a few pounds. However, for those wishing to be relationship-ready when Auld Lang Syne resounds across the land, Bowes-Lyon Partnership offers the opportunity to identify and achieve the health and fitness goals which will help members feel great at the start of their new relationship. A complimentary session with health and fitness experts, Move 360, guides clients through the body’s physical, mental and chemical systems, building clients’ awareness of how to reach their full potential.

The next step in achieving the plan to be relationship-ready is perhaps the most important for high achievers with demanding careers and busy lives. Finding room in one’s life for a new relationship can be a challenge, but with a one month complimentary membership to concierge and lifestyle management company, Bon Vivant, members are able to maximise their time so they can successfully plan their dating ‘schedule’ for the New Year. An expert concierge is personally assigned to each member, providing essential assistance in organising administrative, leisure or organisational aspects of clients’ lives.

Dating is of course a very visual process so acclaimed photographer Hakon Sveinsson is on hand to help create beautiful images that help those seeking a new relationship to put their best foot forward right away.

These five simple steps can help Bowes-Lyon Partnership members approach the New Year with a sure sense of success for their future love life. An elite dating agency that acts exclusively for the refined and successful, Bowes-Lyon Partnership has clients around the world and balances its passion for matchmaking with a delicate, confidential and discreet approach – no profiles or photographs are posted online and each match is made by hand. It is known for giving the serious business of meeting someone new a very personal touch.

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