The Evolution of Dating

The concept of dating is not new, it is just a simple fact that the ways in which it is done have changed over the years. Setting up a date or beginning a relationship can now be done in many ways. Of course there’s always the traditional method of approaching someone that you see or meet in a social situation like a bar or club but that can have very mixed results as people have become more wary of being approached by a stranger. Of course we have also seen a barrage of new dating apps come on stream and more are set up every week targeting different niches. It has become a really big business. Others rely on professional match-making agencies which, for a fee, aim to ‘match’ you with someone based on who the agency believes you will have most in common with. Different methods suit different people based on varying needs.

With the ubiquity of smart phones, it was inevitable that the phone was going to come into play in terms of playing a role in forming a relationship. The phone allows for two people to converse (via text more often than not) in the get-to-know-you stage without the awkwardness of the initial chat-up line approach in a physical meet-up situation. Some people prefer this method as it allows you to build some rapport and trust before agreeing to take it to the next stage of a real-life meeting.

There’s no doubt about it though – relationships that were formed online were once sniggered at as though it were something to be ashamed about. This has now totally changed with it being totally acceptable to find your partner in an online situation or via a professional match-making service such as Bowes-Lyon Partnership.

Caution should be taken as with any online relationship as people can build a persona online very easily so always be wary. Only agree to meet someone that you met online once you feel entirely comfortable and always alert someone close to you as to your plans so they know where you are.

This infographic from Carvaka Adult Toys examines how dating has evolved vastly over the last few years as online influences like apps and websites have appeared. It looks at some interesting statistics and controversies as well as examining what possibly may lie ahead in terms of further evolution owing to newer technologies like artificial intelligence.

Online Dating has Evolved Relationships (UK)

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